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Kids Videos

Make a short film with your kids, or get the whole family involved! Have your kids be princesses, or ninjas, or musicians! We will walk you through the steps to create a fun video with your kids, from meeting and discussing story ideas, to shooting, and to post production. The process of making the movie will be as fun as the final product itself. Have your film posted on YouTube and see how many views your video can get!


Commercial Videos

Have a video created that shows off what a great company you are! We can do interviews, or document certain aspects of your company that make it special. A video can be a great thing to include on your website and can immediately grab everyone's attention. Special discounts apply for non-profit businesses!


Mini Docs

Have a special moment in your life documented so it will never be forgotten! We can document someone else that you think has a great story. We'll document the experience and include interviews throughout the process with those who are involved. Ideas include: wedding proposals, sporting events that you or your kids participate in (document your child's dance recital or soccer game), or sky diving for the first time! Note: some docs would require permission and/or approval from certain parties involved.


Music Videos

Let A/P Productions help you conceptualize, plan, shoot and edit your music video. We can help you realize any vision you have for the video and collaborate to make it great!