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A/P Productions is a video production service for anyone who wants to share a story. Whether it is a promotional video for your business or creating a short film for you or your family, A/P Productions can make it happen. Businesses can share their stories in a style that is professional with personal touches that reflect the mission of your business. A/P Productions can also create short videos for families, where kids can become action stars or detectives! Or we can document a special occasion for you so you’ll never forget it and share it with friends and family, either online or on DVD/Blu-ray.

Visualizing Quality The Process


Meet with A/P to discuss your idea and work together to come up with a well-written plan to accomplish the video that you want. A/P would then be able to put together an outline, or script, which would be reviewed and approved by you before shooting begins.


We shoot the intended video. A/P utilizes a professional video camera, lights, microphones, as well as other professional equipment. Shooting is intended to be a fun experience with full collaboration, with A/P handling the ‘overall’ direction of the shoot.


A/P will handle the editing of your project and add any necessary sound or special effects as needed. We will update you with some rough cuts to make sure you are content with the product. Once finished you can either get some DVD/Blu-ray copies of your video (or on a flash drive), or have it posted online, or both options.

Here is an example of a kids movie

This year, instead of the same old tradition of getting your kids pictures taken, why not make a short film? Kids Movies is a uniquely original idea from A/P Productions that involves making a short film with your kids (parents can and should be involved too). Have your kids become detectives, or superheroes, or princesses! It could be a comedy, or action, or mystery. Whatever genre your family wants, we can get it done!

The first meeting involves Jed, from A/P Productions, meeting with your family to discuss story ideas and come up with an initial plan on how to get the film made. A/P Productions will then plan out the story with a loose script and some storyboards. The second meeting will then be to shoot the film (we’ll shoot the film whenever it’s most convenient for you). The shooting process will be a fun way for your kids, and yourself, to see what it’s like to make a film (low budget, of course). Plus it is meant to be a collaborative process. It’s a great learning experience for kids when they want to make a short film!

The final part of the process is the post production. A/P will edit the film together and give you an opportunity to watch a rough cut to make sure you approve of how it’s coming together. It will then be finalized and delivered to you any way you want. We could put it on YouTube for you. Your kids will love the exposure and enjoy seeing how many views it can get! Or we could simply give you a DVD/Blu-ray copy with a custommade case for the film. Get your film made today!